Lucite and Aluminum Room Divider by Charles Hollis Jones

Oh, I have goose bumps. It’s acrylic lucite and aluminum.
It’s just beautiful. It’s going to give you that little bit of a hint of dividing your room, but you can still see through it.


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This Lucite and aluminum folding wall divider is a stylish piece of furniture designed by Charles Hollis Jones, a renowned American designer known for his innovative use of these materials.

The wall divider is a tri-fold panel screen, consisting of three partitions. Each partition is 12" wide and 60" tall, providing a total width of 36" when the divider is fully extended. The use of Lucite and aluminum gives the divider a modern and sleek appearance while maintaining a sense of transparency and lightness.

Charles Hollis Jones' designs are often sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of midcentury modern and contemporary furniture. His innovative approach to materials and craftsmanship has made him an influential figure in the world of furniture design.


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