Rattan Rendezvous

Vintage pieces handpicked by Christopher Kennedy

Rattan Rendezvous is my charming tribute to the opulent desert lifestyles of celebrities in the 1950s. Palm Springs, with its rich architectural history and association with Hollywood stars, has long been an influential hub for design and lifestyle trends.

My love for 1950s and 1960s rattan furniture that I´ve developed during my time in Palm Springs is sizeable. Rattan furniture was immensely popular during that era, embodying a sense of leisure, relaxation, and tropical elegance. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction, along with its natural and organic aesthetics, made it a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor settings.

Rattan furniture symbolizes a bygone era of glamorous and carefree living, often associated with the mid-century modern design movement. It's no wonder that this style continues to captivate people's imagination and remains in demand even today.

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