Large Arched Rattan Wall Mirror from the 1950s

t is just so great, really beautiful. If you don’t like the rattan color, it would be super easy to paint. You could lacquer it black, or an amazing color. This mirror has so much potential.


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This chic Bohemian wall mirror is a unique and stylish piece of decor. It features a distinctive arch shape and is handwoven using pencil reeds and wicker. The pencil reeds are bent and firmly lined on a sturdy wooden backing, creating a visually appealing pattern.

This type of mirror combines elements of the midcentury modern design style (clean lines, organic forms, and a blend of traditional and contemporary influences) with the Bohemian chic aesthetic, which embraces eclectic and free-spirited elements.

The handwoven technique adds a touch of craftsmanship to the mirror, making it a standout piece in any space. The use of pencil reeds and wicker provides a natural and textured look, adding warmth and character to the overall design.


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