1960s Murano Glass Ring Holder by Flavio Poli

This adorable little ring tray is perfect for the bedside. I love a good catch-all; I’m a bit messy so I like to corral my things. It would be great on a dresser and great next to your bed.


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1 in stock

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The Murano glass tray is known as "Vetro Sommerso" and is attributed to Flavio Poli, an Italian glass artist. It features a rounded triangle shape with rounded edges and is made of pink submerged glass. It was likely produced in Italy during the 1960s.

Murano glass is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship, originating from the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. The technique of "Vetro Sommerso" involves layering different colored glass to create unique and vibrant effects. In this case, the submerged pink glass refers to the technique of encasing a layer of pink glass within another transparent layer.

Flavio Poli was a prominent glass designer and master at the renowned Seguso Vetri d'Arte glassworks in Murano. He was known for his innovative use of colors and shapes in his glass creations. Poli's designs often showcased the mastery of the "Vetro Sommerso" technique, resulting in visually striking and artistic pieces.


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