1930s Art Deco Anodized Spun Aluminum Torchiere Floor Lamp

The fact that this light goes back to the ’30s blows my mind. And it’s so beautiful, it looks modern nearly 100 years later.


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This rare Art Deco, Machine Age anodized aluminum torchiere floor lamp is a stunning piece of vintage lighting. Kem Weber was a renowned designer during the Art Deco era known for his sleek and modern designs.

This particular torchiere floor lamp combines the distinctive characteristics of Art Deco and the Machine Age. The use of anodized aluminum, a process that adds a protective and decorative layer to the metal, gives the lamp a lustrous and durable finish. The two-tier top refers to a design where the lampshade has two levels or layers, adding visual interest and dimension to the overall appearance.

The trumpet base is an unusual feature: a unique touch that provides stability as well as a visually appealing foundation for the lamp.


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