Welded metal in Brutalist design is an original sculpture by Richard Barr

“Every room needs a little black” is a tried-a-true decorating adage, and one that I ascribe to. These lamps would make a great statement in a bedroom, or, add thinner shades and use them on a dining room sideboard.


2,600 USD



This pair of Brutalist lamps, by the Laurel Lamp Company, is a unique and striking example of Brutalist design. Brutalism is an architectural and design style that emerged in the mid-20th century, characterized by its rugged and raw aesthetic, often featuring exposed concrete or metal.

These lamps are crafted from welded metal, reflecting the distinct characteristics of Brutalist design. The use of welded metal creates an industrial and sculptural appearance, with a focus on bold forms and textures. The lamps are an original sculpture by Richard Barr for Laurel, titled "Assemblage," and were featured in the 1965 Laurel catalog, showcasing their historical significance.

The recent rewiring with new sockets ensures that the lamps are safe and ready for use upon arrival.

These Brutalist lamps not only provide functional lighting but also serve as artistic sculptures that add a bold and unique statement to any interior. Their rugged and textural design makes them a focal point in a room, showcasing the artistic expression and craftsmanship of the Brutalist style.


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30 lbs


6 × 6 × 28 in


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