Abstract oxidized and etched brass mirror by Bernhard Rohne

As a child of the 1970s, I am a sucker for great design from this decade, Bernhard Rohne for Mastercraft is one my favorite artists. It’s the ideal combination of Brustalism and glamour – just how I like it!


2,200 USD



This wall mirror is a rectangular Trumeau-style mirror with a brass acid-etched design, created by Bernhard Rohne for Mastercraft in the 1970s. Bernhard Rohne was a prominent American artist and metalworker known for his innovative designs and craftsmanship.

The mirror features rectangular beveled glass, which provides a sophisticated and elegant touch. The top panel is adorned with an abstract oxidized and etched brass design, adding a unique artistic element to the piece. The acid etching technique involves using acid to selectively remove layers of metal, creating intricate and detailed patterns on the surface.

Mastercraft is a renowned furniture and decorative arts company that produced high-quality and luxurious pieces during the mid-20th century. The collaboration between Bernhard Rohne and Mastercraft resulted in exquisite designs that are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

This wall mirror showcases the fusion of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, making it a statement piece in any interior.


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30 lbs


30 × 1 × 50 in


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